Friday, September 12, 2008

My Egg Drop

On September fifth, 2008 the 5th grade did an egg drop where you have to protect your egg enough so it will not break. Each kid has to design their own special container to hold and protect it so it will not break as easily as it would when just a plain egg would have been dropped. The teachers dropped the egg drop projects from the gym roof.

We had to think of a hypothesis and then how to solve it. My hypothesis was when an egg is dropped or crashed it breaks. I thought I solved the problem by putting my egg in a little water bottle and then putting the little water bottle in a bigger bottle. I should have made a cushion for my egg because it broke even though the parachute worked perfectly.

I named my egg after Amelia Earhart because Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly. I named my egg Amelia Eggheart because it was dropped which is sort of like flying!

Here is me after Amelia crashed, how my contraption looked when it landed, and the teachers on the roof.



gomomyourock said...

No wonder you don't eat eggs!

Daddy said...

I liked your design the best!

gomomyourock said...

I wonder if the real Amelia just didn't have enough cushion either!