Friday, April 10, 2009

Pulley Time!

My Dad and I installed a pulley system from our deck to our tree house today. We used two pulleys, 200 feet of rope and a bucket! We installed it so that a deck dweller can send things over to the tree house dwellers!

If you pull too hard on the rope everything in the bucket will fall out into the yard and then we'll have to go down and get it! That's definitely NOT the point of this contraption! You see, we wanted to be able to send stuff across not have to go and get it!

So far it's working perfectly!



Jennifer said...

It's a great arm workout too!

Super job! I can't wait for all the summer fun in the treehouse - you could stay out all day.


Tara said...

I sure hope some "deck dwellers" send over some good stuff!

Keswick Chicken said...

Do you serve lunch in your bucket???
I love it!